Our employees have a chance to take part in our business on every level; we all take responsibility for making Sage a success. Our service technicians are in constant contact with you, our customers — they hear your suggestions. When there is room for improvement, we’re more than happy to make changes and meet those needs. It’s our goal to be the friendliest company you’ve worked with... we’re listening.

Meet the Team


Partner/General Manager
We’re excited to have Eddie as part of the Sage family! Partially because he’s a great cook, but more importantly because his good-natured, honest personality represents everything we’re about at Sage. Eddie has lots of experience working with small businesses. His experience, along with his friendly personality make him a valuable member of the Sage family.


Javier prides himself on supporting small, Burg-based businesses. We’re psyched to have him on board because of his professionalism as a certified pest control operator who knows what makes small businesses great.


Yoscar’s genuine concern for the well-being of the community, is one of the reasons he’s such a key member of the Sage team. More than just a job, working for Sage is something he’s passionate about, and we couldn’t be happier to have him. Along with his love for the community, Yoscar is an expert in pest management and understands all of its complexities.


Tam is a central part of the Sage family, who builds bridges between Sage and the community. By making sure non-profit organizations and low-income homes are taken care of financially, Tam helps us to build lasting relationships around the 'Burg and beyond. He loves Sage for our passion to help others, we love Tam for this.